Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Breaking the Spine and showcases the books we are not-so-patiently waiting to be released!

*I do not think there is an official blurb yet but Samantha did post this teaser on Goodreads*
Through tight lips, I force out the words, “Hello again.” Then blurt out, “You go here.” It sounds more like an accusation than a statement.

Obviously he does, or else why would he be here in the college parking lot. And the fact he goes to school here is so not good. It’s bad. Very bad.

There is only me who could manage to move to the one place in the country where Tyler’s doppelganger lives. Land myself a place at the college he attends and, work and live above the pub which is owned by the woman his dad dates.

I don’t think it could be any worse.

Thank god he doesn’t know that he looks like Tyler. He’d probably think I was stalking him or something. I figure his ego is big enough to inflate to that assumption.

“Yeah, I go here.” He frowns. “Should I take it you go here too?”

I can’t distinguish whether that fact annoys, or appeals to him.

From the slight downward curl of his lips, I’m going with annoys. I’m guessing he hasn’t got over me soaking him with beer last night.

Well I haven’t got over him been a total asshole to me, so I figure we're even.

He might be hot, but he’s a total douche.

A hot douche.

Turning to face him, I drop my keys in my bag and roll my eyes. “What gave it away? My car in the college parking lot, or my book bag?”

Wow. When did I get so smart mouthed? Not that I’m complaining. I’m liking this new sassy Mia. She rocks a little.

He laughs, cocky grin still in place. “Touchy today, princess? You haven’t got any drinks hidden back there have you—because I’m fresh out of clean shirts?”

“Ha. Funny. Anyway, I thought you had no problem going shirtless?”

“Oh, I only get shirtless for you.” He winks. And I want to gag.

Yeah, not from what I’ve heard Jordan. You get shirtless for the females of Durango on a regular basis.

God, this guy is a straight up dick.

“Princess, if all you’d wanted was my shirt off last night, you only had to ask, I’d have happily obliged. You didn’t have to chuck beer on me to make it happen.”

“Ugh, pleaassse!” I groan, pulling a sickened face.

“Fuck me, you sound hot when you beg. Scrap what I just said, next time I want to hear you beg me to take off my shirt.”

* No release date set yet, although Goodreads has it as sometime in 2013.


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