Review Policy

I have been being contacted by various authors to lately to review their books, so I am updating my review policy.  Please note that I cannot promise a good review or an immediate review.  Review times are between 2-4 months.  Currently, these are my rules to accepting review copies:

What I accept:
-Young Adult fiction (with limitations, please see below)
-New Adult Romance and/or Fiction (with limitations, please see below)
-  Books by self published authors
-  Adult Fiction (with limitations, please see below)
- eBooks in Kindle format ONLY (however, physical books are preferred and will recieve more consideration)

What I do not accept:
-  Historical Fiction
-  "Bodice Rippers"
-  Science Fiction
-  Horror
-  Westerns
-  Nonfiction
-Novellas, short stories, or anthologies
-Middle Grade
-  Later books in a series (unless all subsequent books are provided as well)


Currently, I am giving priority to New Adult Contemporary Romance and/or Fiction.  Also, review times are still within the time frame of 2-4 months.

Please email me at vivavictoriavictorious(at)gmail(dot)com with requests or questions.