Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cover vs. Cover

It seems publishing companies like throwing off the way our bookshelves look with all the cover reissues and changes they have been making to books. Also, international book covers are often different from their US counterparts. This is a meme that will showcase changes to book covers.

(Paperback/Hardcover edition)
(Movie Tie-In Edition)
So hard to choose!  This is one of those extremely rare times when I REALLY like the movie version cover.  On one hand, I like the actual picture better on the movie version, but I like the color scheme on the original better.  Overall, I'd actually go with the movie version.  Simply because I'm not a huge fan of the half naked headless Jace on the original.


  1. Even though I do really like the new one, I've gotta go with the one featuring Jace's hot body. Yup, no other option for me! ;o)

  2. For a movie tie in cover, I am impressed and I like it A Lot.. but if I were to choose my book just based on the covers I would still go with the original.