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Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Series:  Taking Chances #1
Publisher:  William Morrow
Published:  October 16, 2012
Pages:  432, Kindle Edition
Edition Reviewed:  ebook
Source:  Bought
Eighteen year old Harper has grown up under her career Marine of a father's thumb. Ready to live life her own way and experience things she's only ever heard of from the jarheads in her father's unit; she's on her way to college at San Diego State University.

Thanks to her new roommate, Harper is introduced to a world of parties, gorgeous guys, family and emotions. Some she wasn't expecting yet, and others she never knew she was missing.

She finds herself being torn in two as she quickly falls in love with her boyfriend Brandon, and her roommate's brother Chase. Covered in tattoos, known for fighting in the Underground and ridiculously muscled...they're exactly what she was always warned to stay away from, but just what she needs. Despite their dangerous looks and histories, both adore and would do anything for Harper, including stepping back if it means she's happy.

Her first year away is turning out to be near perfect, but one weekend of giving in to heated passion will change everything.
Review *This review WILL contain SPOILERS*:
Since this review will contain spoilers, let's just get on with the ranting and whining.  I'm very conflicted as to what to rate this book.  I abso-freaking-lutely loved it until the moment Chase died.  We all knew that eventually Harper would end up with Chase.  I don't think we all expected Ms. McAdams to kill him off.  He was actually the only character I really liked.  Brandon was a total pushover and still pining away despite the fact Harper cheated on him with Chase.  And Harper, that stupid bitch.  I'm sorry, but I firmly believe that she couldn't be doing the nasty with Chase and still be thinkig about how much she loves and needs Brandon.  Ugh.
Oh wait, and then Harper ends up pregnant.  OK, I can deal with that.  And then she marries Brandon, WITH CHASE AND BRANDON'S FAMILY'S BLESSINGS.  Double ugh.  But then, to add insult to injury, there was that scene where Harper brought her kids (one Chase's, one Brandon's, I believe) to visit Chase's grave.  AND HER FUCKING KID (Chase's kid BTW) CALLS CHASE UNCLE. FUCKING.CHASE.  I get the fact that the kid only ever knew Brandon as the father figure, but I still find it highly disrespectful.
Alright, and this is where I get conflicted as to my rating.  The first half of the book was for sure 5 stars.  The second half, 1 star.  OK.  BUT, I do have to give some form of props to Ms. McAdams for killing off Chase.  WAIT BEFORE YOU YELL.  She risked alienating ALOT of readers for doing this.  And to this I say "You have great, big balls Ms. McAdams.  Like, elephant size balls."  She wasn't afraid to do this.  And I think that says alot about an author.  BUT killing off Chase is like killing off Travis Maddox.  YOU JUST DON'T DO IT.  PERIOD.  So, you see where my rating dilemma is?

-Victoria Victorious

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