Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is my "I'm Sorry" post

I know I don't have many followers, but I like to think that those I do have, have been wondering where I've been.  My last review was posted the first week of July, but honestly that review had been scheduled in advance since January.  Now onto the excuses.  I have been absent for a few critical reasons.  The first and main being that for a couple of months I lost complete and total interest in reading and blogging.  It became a chore and I lost total interest in both.  I was frusterated in the success of my blog (or better, lack thereof).  Seems that no matter how much self promotion I give myself, I couldn't get subscribers.  I was at a lost of what to do.  Secondly, I have been going through some personal turmoil that has taken hold of my well being.  I'm still right in the thick of it, but I'm coping.  So thanks to the subscribers I DO have for sticking with me.  I'm back into reading and hope to get a few reviews up this week as well as some memes.


  1. Have you tried Feature and Follow Friday that is hosted by Parajunkee an Allison Can Read. It is a great way to get followers for your blog. A lot of it is nobody knows about it. :) I just happen to run across it and will be following. :)