Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I recently sent a publisher a nice little letter requesting an ARC of a title I'm interested in reading.  Now keep in mind, it was not a hyped up book, but rather an indie author.  And yes, I know i haven't been blogging for the "safe" period of a year, but what the hell?  The worst the publisher can say is "No" right?  Wrong.  I got a nasty little email from the publisher stating that not only have I not been blogging long enough, but I don't have many followers, my reviews are insubstantial, and the one that really made me mad, I rely on the library too much for my books.  Let me tell you Mr. Publisher, libraries exist for the sole reason of helping bring the world of literature to people who love to read and maybe can't afford to buy every book that intrests them.  I try to check out books from the library specifically for financial reasons.  I'm supporting a child and also helping my parents with their financial issues.  If my library does not have a title, I try to purchase it for my Kindle.  Too bad the author chose to use this unfortunate company to publish their novel, because I will damn sure not be buying anything this publisher churns out.  I hate to screw an author that way, but I am so mad that a publisher could be so callous, especially an indie publisher.  Screw you.

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