Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cover vs. Cover

It seems publishing companies like throwing off the way our bookshelves look with all the cover reissues and changes they have been making to books. Alos, international book covers are often different from their US counterparts. This is a meme that will showcase changes to book covers.

In celebration of the release of Jamie McGuire's Walking Disaster yesterday, I've decided to compare the US cover and the UK cover.

US Cover
UK Cover
I like the UK cover better.  I have noticed that most people prefer the US cover due to Travis' sexy arm, but to me its all about how the covers between BOTH the books flow.  The UK edition has the same color scheme and it just works.  The Us edition just seems totally different.  The only thing that makes it look like part of the same series is the font and the butterfly.
Which do you like better?

-Victoria Victorious

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