Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review - Borrowing Abby Grace by Kelly Green

Series:  Borrowing Abby Grace #1
Publisher:  Backlit
Published:  October 17, 2011
Edition:  ebook
Pages:  47
Source:  Review copy provided by author for an honest review.


When Abby Grace wakes up in the back of a van, she has no idea who she is, how she got there, or why anyone would want to kidnap her. After escaping her masked captors, she hurries home, only to discover that she unknowingly left her younger brother behind in the van. Unable to answer the police’s questions with her memories gone, she retreats to the safety of her bedroom where she tries to reconstruct her life. Just as she is settling into the belief that things will one day return to normal, she looks in the mirror—and sees a stranger’s face.
As Abby learns next, she has become a Shadow, sent to inhabit the lives of strangers in trouble. With nothing to go on except the vague hints of her cute but maddening Guardian, a 19th century ghostly teenager named Will, Abby sets out to rescue the missing brother. But she will need all of her intelligence, fearlessness, and wit, because if she fails to find him in time, she will remain trapped in this unfamiliar body forever.


When Kelly Green contacted me to review this book, I gladly accepted.  As a kid, I loved Nancy Drew books.  I devoured every single one of them, the originals, plus all the ones where Nancy is grown up and in college.  Needless to say, I was pretty damn excited.  Ms.  Green did a wonderful job of integrating mystery and paranormal into this short story.  Abby was a likeable character, and although we didn't get a whole lot of characterization with her, I expect we'll see more of a character development with her in the future stories.  Really the only things that bothered me about this book are a.)  the cost and b.) the length.  The novel is only 47 pages, and as I was reading, I was dissapointed to discover how short it was.  I thought that it was a full fledged book.  And that gets me to point b.  This book sells for $2.99 on Amazon.  Personally I would be reluctant to purchase such a short story for 3 bucks.  I may just be cheap, but I am being honest.

Overall, if you like mysteries, short and sweet stories, and Nancy Drew, this book is for you! 

3 out of  5 stars 

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