Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday (5)

Wishlist Wednesday is an idea borrowed from Book Chick City with my own twist.  Each week I will post 2 books that I am dying to read, but do not own and is not available from the library (I'm a single mom, so I rely on the library alot).  1 book will be a new release, the other at least a year old.
*All pictures and summaries courtesy of Goodreads.

This: A Vampire Cure for Forever by Shaun Roundy

Life happens one split second at a time. Sometimes one second makes all the difference, though you rarely know until long after it passes.

Can you identify a second that changed your life? Kayla Porter can. It's the moment she met Melissa Clayton. Along with Melissa's brother Ethan, their fates intertwined and pointed to one of their deaths.

But what is fate made of, anyway? Who decides who will live and who will die, what will happen, and whether or not anyone can interfere?

Follow this thrill-ride vampire novel from one insightful revelation to the next. Experience the thrill of romance and adrenaline as friends and enemies explore fresh boundaries in a world of opportunity that existed all along, right before their eyes, but that they never before considered.

It's your world, too. It's waiting right before your eyes, but can you see it? This may open your eyes and change your life forever.

The Accidental Sorcerer by K.E. Mills

Gerald Dunwoody is a wizard. Just not a particularly good one. He's blown up a factory, lost his job, and there's a chance that he's not really a Third Grade wizard after all. So it's off to New Ottosland to be the new Court Wizard for King Lional.

It's a shame that King Lional isn't the vain, self-centered young man he appeared to be. With a Princess in danger, a talking bird who can't stay out of trouble, and a kingdom to save, Gerald soon suspects that he might be out of his depth. And if he can't keep this job, how will he ever become the wizard he was destined to be...

THE ACCIDENTAL SORCERER is the first novel in the Rogue Agent trilogy, from one of fantasy's newest stars.

What's on YOUR Wishlist this Wednesday?

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